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SoftBlan Digital Products

- ERPs, CRMs
- Management tools
- Booking modules
- WordPress custom plugins
- WordPress themes

Whatever your digital product is, SoftBlan provides its services using the most stringent technical standards and keen attention to detail. Our integrated approach to SaaS product development services allows us to implement all the components needed for a successful SaaS solution: web, mobile, desktop apps, digital dashboards, controller apps, and many more. We help businesses enhance the value they provide to people.

SoftBlan E-commerce Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the shift towards a more digital world. Therefore, marketplaces such as C2C, C2B, B2B or web-based B2C marketplace are so relevant these days. SoftBlan can provide you with any of them to optimize the process of product sale. We offer reliable and full-featured e-Commerce website development services and retail solutions at affordable packages that meet specific needs of the clients. Whatever your commerce objectives are, SoftBlan has got you covered.

SoftBlan Complex and Medium-sized Sites

Your website is your company’s online foundation. Its usability and the usefulness, not the visual design, define whether successful or failure a website is. SoftBlan has earned invaluable experience in outsourcing development, which included back-end and front-end development. SoftBlan makes sure that it ranks high in outsourcing, stands out from competitors and matches your visitors' purposes.

SoftBlan Mobile&Web Applications

Nowadays, when companies think about app developing — Cross-platform mobile app development solutions are the first thing that comes to mind. SoftBlan develops outstanding mobile application software that can play on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, with one codebase set. We help your customers to bring their innovative ideas to implementation.







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